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Basic Concepts:

Respecting with each other

Relying on employees

Caring of employees

Training of employees

Individual Concepts:

We emphasize on capability of our employees. We believe talented employees shall be placed at proper position for their career development to accomplish the target goals and achievements. The self-motivated development and succeed in jobs would place oneself with higher position in the future.

We believe that performance is our orientation to look for succeed; passion is our encouragement to work; and humble is the foundation of the job position. We aims at promoting a clear career path to our employees.


Knowledges develop experience;

Capability gains for opportunities;

Intelligence brings for solutions to challenges;

Performance leads to promotion;

Patience is the path to success.

Employee Goals:

We work together to develop the Corporation and providing a good working environment and fair promotion opportunities to our employees. We wish our employees would be proud of their Corporation and we hope our offer would help to enhance the quality of our employees’ life.