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Brand-name Construction Activities and Seeking for New Market

There are 25 projects currently carrying out in Hong Kong, including 8 Landslip Prevention and Mitigation measures projects; 10 foundation projects and 7 civil engineering projects with total contract sum of US$400M. Those are the three strongest construction activities of the Hong Kong Branch.

The Hong Kong Branch takes its advantages to focus on middle-sized projects, and to explore more co-operation opportunities to joint venture with other Contractors to works for those larger-scale projects. In the first half year of 2016, the newly signed contract sum amounted US$154M. Retrofitting of Noise Barrier Projects are our new construction fields with the contract sum amounted over HK$1,000M in total which is our pioneer construction project with the construction sum over HK$500M.

The noise barrier project made a breakthrough of the existing market and being the milestone for developing the larger-scale projects in Hong Kong. We strive for a better quality with cost effective construction processes in additional to our strength to gain the chance of awarding the tender.

In year 2015/16, we achieved several construction safety awards, including CEDD Construction Site Safety Award – Gold Award (Specialist Contractor) and Meritorious  Award in Innovative Safety Initiative Award 2015 for CEDD Project GE/2013/27; Bronze Award in Innovative Safety Initiative Award 2016 – Safety Operational Device Category for CEDD Project GE/2014/16. In additional to the above, Hai Tan Street Foundation Project was awarded in The Four-cell Story Photo Competition held by Hong Kong Construction Association and Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union.

We committed to “comply with Good Quality Control and High Efficiency of Works” by establishing a clear career path for our employees; developing values for our partners; and providing high quality services to our clients. We strive for working and developing together with other Chinese-enterprises to make contribution in the Hong Kong and Macau construction industries.

China Geo-Engineering Corporation (Hong Kong Branch)