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CGC Safety Fun Day

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Hong Kong Construction Industry has raised its safety concerns on the control of site safety, health and environmental protection performance recently. The Hong Kong Branch has been inputting our greatest efforts in contributing and promoting occupational safety and health from the construction sites to workers’ families and eventually to the communities.

“CGC Safety Fun Day” is one of the Hong Kong Branch safety promotion activities held annually. “CGC Safety Fun Day 2015” was organized in Construction Industry Resource Centre, Kowloon Bay on 13th December 2015. Two hundreds guests with different backgrounds had attended the Fun Day, including the representatives of different government departments, engineering consultants, sub-contractors, workers and their family members. “CGC Safety Fun Day 2015” is the third times for holding this valuable event. The objective of Safety Fun Day is to promote occupational safety and health with all of our partnering parties under a fun and enjoyable atmosphere and providing useful information and advices to participants on how to work safely and heathy. Game booths with different safety-related topics had been set-up to share the safety knowledge and to raise their awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health.  

Sand-Painting is the key performance in the Safety Fun Day 2015. The performer told a story with our norms of occupational safety and health, that is “Go Home Safe”, by sand-painting to the audiences. 

Hong Kong Branch always strives to promote occupational site safety and health and sharing our common goal on promoting safety with the other Chinese-enterprises. Home Visit Scheme is the other key safety promotion activities of Hong Kong Branch since 2012. Up to now, there are over 60 families were visited under this Scheme. Home Visit Scheme leads by our top management visiting the worker and his / her family in monthly basis with a team of volunteers from different construction projects. We will share the working environment and identifying the job hazards to the workers’ families aiming to enhance the workers’ safety awareness by the direct and positive influence from their family members. In CGC Safety Fun Day 2015, one of the visited workers in Home Visit Scheme was invited to share his feeling of the Home Visit Scheme to the guests. This worker reminded other workers to always stay alert to safety and promoting the site safety culture to their co-workers. The positive feedback from this worker ensures our effects and input from Home Visit Scheme in these four years. 

We commit to carry out the corporate-social responsibility and reminding all staffs and workers of our norm to “Go Home Safe”. Taking proper precautionary measures before carrying out the works is crucial. To encourage the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health on sites, safety awards were presented to workers, sub-contractors and project team with outstanding performance on occupational safety and health.